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In 2019 the University of Kentucky began a three year Smart Campus intitiative to better equip its students with technological knowledge. Providing iPads to all incoming students and reimagining the Winslow property are two of the most significant advancements of this initiative that have allowed the university to better serve its students. The Smart Campus initiative was designed to better leverage technology in new and innovative ways to:

  • Improve mental, physical and financial wellness among students
  • Jumpstart and ease the transition from high school to college before students step on campus
  • Create a digital career portfolio and resume that will serve them throughout their four years and beyond
  • Shrink the barriers of the digital divide in and outside the classroom
  • Develop proficiencies in coding and app development
  • Build communities and link students with each other


We have several resources available to students and teachers both on campus and online to assist you with technological issues. 

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